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Legal Information

Legal Disclaimer

To summarize the entirety of this page, is a NON-COMMERCIAL and COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL fan-created website, and we have NO INTENT TO CAUSE ANY HARM to Lucasfilm Ltd. or any other group or individual.

Star Wars, Fett, THX-1138, Mandalorians, and the Mandalorian Skull Logo are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd., a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. All other imagery is either royalty free or created by a member of this website. Fonts used in the logo are "Mandalorian", "Metal Rebel", and "Dark Katarn", by Erikstormtrooper, "RedFive" by, and "Aurebesh" by David Occhino Design.

This is an unofficial fan-created site and is in no way affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd. or any of it's licensees and there is no financial gain or intent to cause any monetary loss for any copyright holder involved in the activities of or the Followers of Mandalore.

This disclaimer reflects the views of the team and does not necessarily apply to the events that take place on the forum, as we have little control over what is said there, though the forum is regulated and we make our best effort to keep it compliant with copyright laws and to our disclaimer.

Additionally, if you are the copyright holder of any images or content on this website, and take issue with our use of your content, please contact us and we will either take it down or attempt to acquire rights to use it from you.

Thank you,
―The Team
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