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Author Topic: Ne'tra gal and Kri'gee recipe  (Read 8913 times)

Rejad Urruz

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Ne'tra gal and Kri'gee recipe
« on: May 28, 2019, 04:34:42 AM »
Greetings everyone.
After some experiments I come up with two recipes for Mandalorian beer.
First of all, I'm Czech, so my English might not be perfect; secondly, these recipes are not very difficult, since it is only half-homemade. We will make 1 liter of each beer plus some extra kvas for drinking, since it is good for your digestive system.

What will we need?
For both Ne'tra gal and Kri'gee we will prepare a slightly modified kvas, we will need:
3 loaves of dark bread (I prefer rye and sunflower seed bread)
1 grapefruit
100 grams (really don't know how much it is imperial units) of powdered or crystal sugar
100-150 grams of honey
2 fistfuls of dried cranberries
1 tablespoon of dry yeast
about 3 liters of water

Additionally, for Ne'tra gal we need:
0,4 liters of Baltic Porter beer (I use our Czech Primátor Double 24°, which has 10,5 % of alcohol and fits perfectly to the Ne'tra gal definition of sticky-sweet)
0,4 liters of any dark beer, the stronger and darker, the better. (I used Black Lager, but I guess Imperial Stout would be better)

For Kri'gee we need:
0,8 liters of IPA (I used 2 Czech regular IPA's, but Imperial IPA a.k.a. American Double IPA would be the best, since they are bitter and strong)

Let's start making the Kvas:
Put all the water in a pot and put it on a cook-range. Meanwhile, put the bread loves into a toaster and turn them black, literally. They should be as burnt as Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen or Anakin Skywalker. Wait until the water in the pot starts to boil and then remove the pot from the cook-range. While the water is still hot, put in the Anakinized bread, a slice of grapefruit (0,5mm to 1cm thick) and a fistful of dried cranberries. Cover the pot and let it rest for at least 3 hours.
After some time, we're about to filter what we have in the pot. You can remove the grapefruit and bigger pieces of bread with a spoon or your beskad. And filter the rest by pouring the content of the pot into another one. Use a strainer with a clean cotton napkin in it, so it filters out all the remaining mess from bread.
After you succesfully filtered the liquid from one pot to another, add the honey and sugar, mix it well (the liquid should be still warm, so it will go fine), then add a fistful of dried cranberries and a tablespoon of yeast. Cover the pot tightly with a food wrap/foil/clingfilm (however you call it) and let it rest in a room-temperature for at least 4 hours.
After some time you should see bubbles comings towards the surface - this means the yeast is happily multiplying and the drink is alive! Now it really depends on you how much you want the Kvas to ferment. I prefer 5-8 hours.
After the fermentation process has been running for some time, it's time to bottle your Kvas. Prepare empty, water-washed bottles, a funnel and a cotton napkin. Pour all the fermented Kvas into bottles through the funnel with a cotton napkin inside.

The rest is VERY easy.

For Ne'tra gal mix 0,2 liters of the Kvas with 0,4 liters of Baltic Porter and 0,4 liters of Dark beer. You'll get 1 liter of strong, black, sticky-sweet beer.

For Kri'gee mix 0,2 liters of the Kvas with 0,8 liters of some IPA. You'll get 1 liter of bitter ale.

(Of course you can experiment with the ratio of all the ingredients to adjust it to your taste)

And enjoy the rest of the Kvas, it will have a fruity bitter taste and, if done well, lots of bubbles and will help your organism a lot. :)

Hope I helped and you would like your very own Mandalorian beer.


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Re: Ne'tra gal and Kri'gee recipe
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2019, 02:04:06 PM »
Thanks for sharing these.  I experimented with what you might call "mock" ne'tra gal quite a few years ago, and the results were less than palatable, but it looks like you've perfected it.
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