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Author Topic: Cassius tea recipe  (Read 6381 times)

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Cassius tea recipe
« on: June 23, 2019, 05:58:35 AM »
After a short (longer than expected) delay, I come with another recipe.

Today, we're gonna make a very simple and very healthy drink known as the Cassius tea.

Trying to figure out, which tree on our planet could be the famous Cassius tree, took me some time, but after discussing it with few friends, we agreed on using florets of Tilia cordata, known as the small-leaved lime.

So what will we need? Just some amount of the florets of small-leaved lime - the amount depends on how much of tea you want to make, and some water.
For this time, I just gathered about two fistfuls of florets to make about 1,25-1,5 liters of tea.

When you have your florets (including a long bright-green leaf connected to it), wash them in a cold water and after that put them in some bowl, pot, jar, anything. Set the water to boil and pour it into the bowl, pot, jar.... containing the florets. Let it lye for at least 5 minutes (I usually let it lye for 20 minutes) and then you are free to distribute the tea into your favorite glasses, mugs, cups or whatever you prefer. I use my hand-made, battle-worn, metal cup.

"In time for tea. Come join me. Made with the florets of a Cassius tree. It's good for your health."
―Pre Vizsla

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